Visitors Profile

Architects & Interior Designers Artists Fine Arts

BPO & Auditorium Authorities and Builders


Building Dismantlers

CAD/CAM Services and Software Developer

Civil Contractors

Construction Project Managers

Consulting Engineers

Corporates & MNCs, Directors, CEOs, Presidents

Vice Presidents

Departmental/ Chain Stores, Shopping Malls Merchants,

Raw Material Suppliers, Wholesalers & Retailers

Educational Institutions

Electrical Contractors and Engineers

Engineers Structural

Fabricators in Government Bodies, Municipal & Public


Hardware Wholesaler

Landscape Consultants

Manufacturers of kitchen & bath production equipment

Plumbing & Sanitation Consultants

Property developers

Structural Engineers

Surveyors, Town planners

Vastu Consultants

Many more…

Promotion & Campaign

In Order to Maximize Visitor Attendance in Our Exhibitions. We Follow a Marketing Strategy that focuses on Bringing right Decision Maker at our shows:-